Friday, April 1, 2011


Montana is located on the northern border of the United States.  It has a rectangular shape.  Montana got its name from the spanish word montana meaning mountain state.  The state capital is Helena but its largest city is Billings.  Montana was the 41st state and it was admitted on November 8th, 1889.  Montana is the 4th largest state with the total area of 147,046 square miles.  It has four bordering states and one bordering country.  Some major industries in Montana are farming, cattle ranching, mining, oil, lumber, and tourism.  Montana is somewhere I have always wanted to visit because you can ride horses for miles and never see anybody.  It has many ranches with miles of pasture and open land.  That is the way I have always wanted to live.  I don't want live by anybody.  Having a ranch is something I would like to do in my future. 

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